E-Clipping: An automatic
clipping service

An offer worth of money: "E-Clipping"

A comfortable archive is indispensable for an electronic newspaper - this is shown by the number of E-Paper requests with the Rhein-Zeitung.

Up to half of the workday average of more than 20000 page-impressions (peak so far 41000) are supported by the enquiry function. Accordingly, preliminary market research for the chargeable service has disclosed that readers would most likely pay for the use of the archive.

The idea was to consequently couple the archive function with a tool that primarily appeals to companies, administrations and clubs: An automatic clipping service. This provides the subscriber with a tool to set up various query profiles. Right after the E-Paper production, E-Paper searches through all issues subscribed and sends the results to any eMail address, alternatively as click list or as text collection.

"wie gedruckt" (as printed)

As this kind of user also prefers to see any article or article block as printed, this function was programmed, too. Already in the article view, it is available as function "wie gedruckt" - however, for subscribers only.

E-Clipping has become an interesting service, which Rhein-Zeitung expects to provide by February at an extra charge.


Graz, too, counts on E-Paper

Austrian "Kleine Zeitung" count on E-Paper technology of Rhein-Zeitung for their internet services.

Since December 2002, all issues of the leading regional newspaper of Steiermark and Kärnten have also been published online. The publishing house, which belongs to the renowned Styria Medien AG, thus follows a strategy of customer commitment: E-Paper is provided for all newspaper subscribers at no extra charge as a part of its online service.

This strategy is made easier by E-Paper from Koblenz: This edition has completely been integrated in the Content-Management-System of the online service (Imperia) in Graz. It shows the way to entirely new service offers up to personalised, up-to-date information channels.

The designers of Rhein-Zeitung Online have proved in Graz that their system works with foreign editing systems as well. While Rhein-Zeitung works with Cicero, "Kleine Zeitung" uses the production system "alfa". The matching functionality of the original E-Paper makes it possible in Graz that artificial panorama pages are displayed as real double pages and functionally operate as single pages. The reader has the choice of view.

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